Friday, April 07, 2006

Glass Half Full, right?

Ok, well a point in not as good as two but its better then one. And its the Wild.

From reading the papers apparently the Oil were all over the Wild at times but just could not finish. I did see highlights of Fernandez turning away Hemsky twice in one sequence. Good news:

Oilers generated a lot of chances against a stingy Wild team.
Oilers played with a lot of energy against a team that generally sucks all life out of a game
Oilers did not get down after brutal video replay - why have video replay if you don't have the proper equipment. To quote the Grand Poobah of All Things Ulanov:

"Its called an overhead camera. Jerks."

Peca, Moreau and Dvorak continued their strong play although I find it hard to believe Dvorak once scored 30 goals in this league. Nedved must have been bouncing them off of him or something that year.

Beauty goal by Smytty. Sign the Smytty! Oiler for Life, if just for the insight in the post game interviews.

Sounds like Rolo had a good game - could not be faulted on the goal, made some nice saves and thats good enough for me.

Musings about tonight and around the league stuff:

Tonight is the big one - the Oil have to pick up 5 of 6 points in the first three games of this trip, I think. They have 1. A win tonight makes it three and gives them a four point cushion over the Canucks, adding to the pressure for their tilt tomorrow night. A loss tonight and a Canuck win tomorrow and we're on the outside looking in. The Oil have played well, even in their losses since the first Canuck game, I think, so I'm banking on a win.

Finally Dallas wins one over one of our rivals - where were those wins over the past two to three weeks when they were playing SJ and Anaheim? And if Modano is out for any length of time you can scratch the Stars from your list of heavyweight contenders. If such a thing exists.

Wow, did LA ever shit the bed last night. Their BGOTY, a must win, against a team they have to pass to make the playoffs. And they get smoked. 5-0. So they're done.

Tonight is a quiet night in the West. Calgary hosts the Wild and will likely crush them, almost guaranteeing the Smythe crown and allowing them to rest a few guys. Tomorrow and Sunday - a lot more going on.

And of course on one of the few non-HNIC nights where I could watch the Oil, my own squad, Capsule Music, is in the rubber match of our best of three semifinal in the Downtown T.O. men's league. We won game one and then blew game two in true Oil fashion - we didn't have to win so we chose not to. Actually that's a little hard on the Oil. So I'll be taping the Oil victory and when I come home from victory pints at the Dora I'll be ready for a nice denouement to a great hockey day.


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