Thursday, April 13, 2006

Do You Like Apples?

Oh yeah? How do you like them apples?

Watching the Spin and its 1-1 Oilers/Ducks with a minute left and the red light flashes - figured it was the Flames' 2-0 goal.

But it was Hemsky.

Young fella, thanks for coming out.

Apparently the Sharks are all over the Caucks but Alex Bald is saving bacon right now.

I'm off to bed, up early to go up to Sudbury to see the folks for Easter.

Worse case - Oilers control their own destiny still. Even better, I get up to a Sharks' regulation win.

Could it be?


lowetide said...

I was at the point where it was "okay we have a point" and then the kid used his skill and it's all over.

Skill. Beautiful. 3-3 in the third, Sharks just tied it.

namflashback said...

question is -- given the book on Hemsky . . . if he had shot more than 10% of the time in the same situation would Giguere have played it the same way. whatever.

they are in. Go Oil!

Vic Ferrari said...

I agree with you on the point about having time to heal. It seems that both Hemsky and Pisani have had cranky backs, obviously Moreau isn't likely to be back at 100% yet (though by his games lately i'd say he must be close), Smith is starting to look more like his old self, but some time to heal the wounds will help him I'm sure.

The flip side is that the bad guys get time to heal too. :( DET has a few guys who are a bit shy of 100% I think, and DAL is surely conscious of Modano's knee, even though the recent tweak was maybe blown out of proportion. Probably some other guys feeling a bit of wear on their bodies too.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Right on Vic but with the exception of Datsyuk I think the Wings are probably as close to being 100% healthy as you can be - they've been on cruise control for a while - of course Datsyuk is one of their best players too - a week will help him. Latest is he just got back on the ice today - we'll see.