Friday, April 21, 2006


This guy doesn't have it.

The Oil have to have it.

With the exception of the first game they played this season when the Wings outshot the Oil 38-25 the remaining games were even in shots, 28-27 in favour of the Wings, 29-27 in favour of the Wings.

But PP stats:

Game 1 - Wings 2-6 Oil 1-4
Game 2 - Wings 2-6 Oil 3-8
Game 3 - Wings 2-5 Oil 0-6
Game 4 - Wings 1-6 Oil 0-5

The Wings had 23 PP and scored on 7 of them. The Oil had 23 PP and scored on 4 of them.

So they better start by controlling what they can by staying out of the box. There will be calls obviously but they can't give the Wings any gifts. No lazy hooks. No tripping Yzerman behind his own net - he's not Bobby Orr. He's not going end to end. He can barely beat the rush to the buffet at the Early Bird Special without Chelly running a little interference and Shanny helping him along.

Discipline boys! If they have it then their chances of winning this series are going up up up. The Wings only scored 6 even strength goals on them in 4 games.


lowetide said...

Agreed it's going to be a huge part of it. I think Pronger will set the tone for the Oilers and the pairings MacT came up with late (second to last game) gave some clue into how he might handle it (Pronger and Smith are going to earn their pay).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Pronger played over 30 minutes in each of the first three games against the Wings so they're going to see a lot of him.

He's going to have to set the tone - apparently according to AbeltoYzerman he had his own issues with discipline against the Wings when he was with the Blues in playoffs past.

namflashback said...

I think we saw that Pronger adapted well to the new standard of officiating during the season. I doubt that he will be undisciplined.

Even in the 2-0 loss last week, I don't think the Oilers were that bad (sure the lazy gimme penalties). They kill the 5 on the 3 and Horcoff nearly scores a shortie. Then they hold the Wings at 1 goal until a bad pinch early in the series.

All I'm saying is, stats aside -- the Oiler's PK has been VERY good in the last stretch of games. You don't want to give Detroit too many chances, but their 2nd Unit could be exploited (forward on D).

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I'd agree about Pronger - AtoY seems sure that he will go apeshit on Maltby but I can't see it.

Re: the penalties - even with the great PK, bad penalties are momentum killers - if you spend 8 minutes in a period killing penalties and come out scot free that's great. But that's a period where you've had no flow, a lot of guys sitting on the bench and your penalty killers getting worn out.

Stay out of the box. No dummy penalties. If they play stupid they deserve to go home.