Monday, April 10, 2006

A bad hockey weekend

1/ Oil lose to Blues, a team that has not won in 13 games. They no longer control their own destiny.
2/ Canucks win Saturday. A win tonight and the Oil are on the outside looking in.
3/ 2 wins by the Sharks, tied with the Oil with two games in hand
4/ Despite the win on Friday (barely) Rloson allows the worst no-excuses goal at the worst possible time meaning that any possible playoff run can only be short and sad and they once again have to address the goaltending situation - sorry Rolo - I no longer believe
5/ Capsule, after a pretty good year, fell in the semis in the deciding game - 4-3 - at leat this pain was eased by postgame pints at the Only

Weekend could have put them in the catbird seat - instead it could have hardly been worse.

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