Saturday, April 08, 2006

Almost home

Before the first three games of this trip I felt that five out of a possible six points were necessary considering the opposition and the timing. With three out of four the Oil head into St.Louis where a win would put them at 93 points with three to play, two points from the magic 95 that James Mirtle predicted a while back would be needed to get into the playoffs into the West. At 93 points the Canucks will need to go 3 and 2 to catch the Oil. At this point I don't think that's happening. Things may change but right now things look ugly in Vancouver.

Taking Miss P to the park so a few quick hits about last night. Plans to tape the game went by the wayside, drowned in pints of Guinness at the Only so a few basic observations.

The tying goal effectively killed Roloson's chances of resigning here. He has been playing better as of late and I for one felt that if this continued to the end of the season and through the playoffs that our best bet would be to resign him and pick up use Markannen as a backup or pick up Esche or Raycroft to share duties. Giving up THAT goal in this game - sorry Rolo - unless you win a series for us you are gone.

Smyth and Pisani prove their value once again. Smyth is tenth in the league in goals presently and has points in the last eight games. Pronger may be the team MVP but Smyth is a close second in my book. Forget trading this guy - sign him to an extension. He cannot be replaced. And Pisani is another guy they need to resign. Key goals at key moment.

Two big game players.

Canucks loss tonight and Oilers win tomorrow and they're home.


mudcrutch79 said...

Hey Black Dog...did you play for Capsule Music last year? I was on a team that played in that league last year (the Merv)-just looking at the old scores, you guys crushed the Merv, they invited in a bunch of ringers from the law school and things were reversed from there on out.

We switched leagues to get a stable night, but it's tough to beat that league for convenience.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

hey mudcrutch, last year was my first with the Capsule - I remember the Merv - just the team name - we were 3 and 17 last year and I was told that was a good year for Capsule!
the league took pity on us and relegated us this year - we finished 2nd and just lost out Friday night in the semis - much better year for us
I'm on the Danforth so locations are great - stable night would be nice but its alright

mudcrutch79 said...

Small, small world, eh?

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

you realize that we're both members of a select group - those who witnessed a Capsule victory before this season
I think that that number probably would not even be double digits
I actually looked back on the website - I remember that game
you guys gave us false hope - we actually thought we could compete!
have a good one - enjoy Mc79 btw