Monday, March 06, 2006

We need a goaler but who?

Today the Oilers sit four points out of fourth and six points out of the division lead (in the toughest division in the NHL) and all of this without a bona fide #1 goalie.

You know what this means (if I dare say it) with a proven stopper they could actually threaten for (gulp) le Coupe Stanley.

Why not? Its wide open this year. No team, except perhaps Ottawa (and without Hasek they fall back to the pack as well) can be said to stand head and shoulders above the rest. There is nobody who you can look at and say there is no way that team loses in the first round. That rarely is the case anyhow but especially this year.

The Rangers and Carolina - can't see it really - especially now that Cole is gone.
Tampa - out of sync and goaltending issues - they barely won in '04 with Khabby and everyone firing on all cylinders - whatever happened to St.Louis
Jersey - maybe an upset in the first round but no Niedermeyer or Stevens
Montreal - maybe an upset in the first round

So that leaves Buffalo, the Flyers and Ottawa and does anyone think any of these teams is going to power through everybody?

In the West

Detroit - another first or maybe second round flame out at best - with the softest schedule in the league and a team that has failed in the playoffs early for years now - come on
Nashville - nope
Canucks - if they make it in and all hands are healthy - maybe - but after the Sedins and Anson Carter can they get anymore scoring?
LA/San Jose/Anaheim - whoever is 8th may beat the Wings but then - nada
Colorado - no longer have the horses - no Foote - no Forsberg

So we have the Flames and Dallas (who I don't know if I can take seriously or not - I really haven't seen them) and maybe maybe the Oilers.

if they get the goaltending ....

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