Monday, March 06, 2006

Too late now

Ahh, if only they had traded him around Christmas, when McCabe Mania was at its height and Bill Watters was proclaiming that there was no way they could keep Bryan McCabe off the Olympic team. We all know how that turned out - overmatched, useless and way out of his league. And now we once again see the McCabe we know and love. Stupid penalties. Out of position. Brutal giveaways. His one big asset, his shot, taken away by smart penalty killing.

The guy cares and he's a hard worker but so is Tie Domi. He's overpaid and if he's looking for 5 Million a year good riddance and good luck to the team dumb enough to give it to him when Chara, Jovanoski and Redden are all available.

My guess, the Leafs give it to him. Because when it comes to being stupid nobody does it like MLSE.

And watching them fall out of the playoffs (plummet really). Beautiful beautiful.

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