Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This can't be good

Why oh why do the Oil never make it easy on themselves?

Seriously, even with the crappy goaltending, this team should have been home and cooled out a long time ago. Instead we have their annual "must win each game to make the playoffs" March and April.

Out of a playoff spot this morning after what was by all accounts a disastrous performance last night. In only the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR until Thursday they completely shit the bed.

Lack of discipline.

Getting completely creamed in the first period, falling into a hole they try to but cannot get out of.

Poor decisions always at the worse possible time.

Hallmarks of this team for quite a while not just this year.

Anyone think if Jack Lemaire was coaching this team that they'd a) play like they did last night and b) even be in this position

If this team does not make the playoffs and win a round MacT has to go - time to raise the bar a bit here boys.


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