Friday, March 17, 2006

Sweet Oily Oil

Stuck here in Leaf Ville - I swear there will be no hockey coverage once these jokers disappear down the drain - I don't get to see any of the other Canadian squads fighting to actually compete in the playoffs.

So my love of the Oilers is reduced to following the Score ticker and last night I was properly rewarded with an overtime victory - le victoire de overtime.

Not out of the woods yet but they are in control of their own destiny right now, which is better then before. Roloson is doing what is expected of him as is Samsanov.

It would be nice, if for once, they actually qualified for the playoffs with a week or so to spare. I hate to say it being a good old Canadian boy and all but a sweep of those gutless wonders from Vancouver would just about do it I think. I think San Jose gets in (and knocks off Detroit or Dallas in the first round). The Oil too. In fifth or sixth for that matter. Then its up to the Avs, Canucks, Ducks and Kings to fight it out. They all play each other a ton too so ....

Who knows.

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