Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A goaler

Well, I'm not so sure. I know I have him pegged as a backup in my previous post but ... Decent save % and GAA. He's an improvement, I think. Never thought Minnesota would give him to the Oil though - they're only seven points behind. Guess they figure either Roloson won't help Edmonton that much or the return outweighed the risk??

And for all of the Alberta equivalents of Tony from Woodbridge posting to the TSN message board that Lowe didn't get Joseph or Belfour, get a life. Roloson is better then either and in Belfour's case they would have had to pick up his option. No thank you!

The only guys I would have preferred were Biron who apparently is going nowhere and Luongo and that was a longshot. Raycroft and Noronen might be longterm projects but no time for that now.

Now if they could get someone to play on the second line - Parrish perhaps? Or Tucker. Oh, that's right the Leafs would never do that - they're going all the way now!!


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