Friday, March 17, 2006

Death march of the Chiefs - Domi, Berg et al


Happiness is watching these bums stumble towards oblivion. What a bunch of arseholes. Aki Berg gets beat by Mike Grier, a nice guy who will never be mistaken for Mario Lemieux or even Mario Tremblay. They should have traded him after the Olympics when people were all agog over his performance with the Finns, before he reverted to his old self.

And Tie Domi acting all hurt after he was benched last week. All offended like he could not BELIEVE that he was actually sat out for a game. Apparently he was supposed to have been sat months ago but when Quinn found out he had rented a box for family and friends for his scheduled 1000th game he did not sit him.

And that tells you all you need to know about this team. Intersting too that since Domi sat he has played his best hockey of the year. Imagine!?

The truth of the matter is that this team is going to be out of the hunt for a while yet. The teams struggling to make the playoffs along with them - Atlanta, Tampa and Montreal - all have a lot more young talent, not to mention Florida and dare we say down the road, Washington.

And this whole idea that JFJ is going to buy himself a team this summer - not going to happen. Potential free agents have been resigning with their own teams like crazy - Jokinen, Thornton, LeCavalier etc - not much left out there and watch for Jovo and Chara to reup as well, maybe Redden will be available but if you were him would you sign with the Leafs or someone who actually has a chance to win something.

Nope - it will be McCabe and Kaberle, poor old Mats and, just like this year, a bunch of hasbeens and castoffs. Watch for the Canucks to try and unload Bertuzzi on these jokers. Now there would be a match made in heaven!

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