Friday, March 24, 2006

Could be worse. They could be the Leafs

Well, the latest BGOTY resulted in a point, meaning one out of a possible four taken and worse for the Oil the Canucks have four of four. As always, stuck in T.O. I saw nothing but highlights and the ticker but Samsanov was flying from what I could see and if Pisani is unrestricted this year (is that right) please sign the guy now. He's got a knack for the big goal in th ebig game for sure. At least I'll be able to watch Saturday's game. Random thoughts:

- what's happened to the first line?
- man, is Roloson ever struggling - still think he's an upgrade which is even scarier to think about
- for all those Edmonton equivalents of Tony from Woodbridge - who should the Oilers have gotten?
- having said that Lowe should have made the move for a tender earlier - hindsight is 20/20 though and I have to say I for one wasn't unhappy with his handling of it so ... shows what I know
- in the first half of the year I saw poor goaltending and poor Cross and Ulanov getting strafed everytime they were on the ice but other then that I was thinking this team could contend for the Cup - get a tender and they could contend - but having added Spacek who apparently has been great, Tarnstrom, Samsanov and Roloson over the past while and the wheels have fallen off, 7 regulation wins in 30 games is the number I saw this morning
- how the hell does that happen?

Having said that, they could be the Leafs. Their performance in their own BGOTY (until Saturday) made the Oilers performance on Tuesday look like the Habs against Red Army on New Years. They were that bad. But what to expect from Dorothy's Pals - they have no heart, no brains and no courage. Sundin is done. They are old and slow. They will have plenty of money under the cap to sign all of the retreads that no one else wants this summer - nice plan JFJ - we'll sign all of the great UFA this summer with all of our money - Iginla, LeCavalier, Thornton, etc etc. Soon there will be nobody left but Allison. Again. And McCabe.

So, rejoice Oiler fans for at least the Oilers are not totally screwed.

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