Friday, March 24, 2006

break up the Chiefs!

We thought we were really really ready for this game.


JFJ better watch his back or Quinn's going to push him in front of the next train. My God, what a disaster.

Name three Leafs who are either meeting or exceeding expectations.

I saw Jeff O'Neill on the Danforth one Sunday morning when I was taking my kids for a walk. I actually thought he was a homeless guy who bore a striking resemblance to Jeff O'Neill. A couple of days later I saw them interviewing him about his place on the Danforth. Poor guy is fucked up.

Jason Allison has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt why in some cases stats mean nothing.

They should have traded Tucker while he had some value - he's starting to revert to his Sideshow Bob persona. Guy dives more then Alexander Despatie.

Wade Belak was exhibit A as to why they needed a cap. Making 1 million bucks a year to sit in the pressbox. My God he's terrible. See you in Lowell buddy.

Aki Berg makes Cory Cross look like Scott Niedermeyer. At least poor old Cross gives it his all. Aki made Mike Grier look like Ovechkin.

Andropov is slower then Berg.

Luke Richardson is slower then Andropov.

Notice a trend?

McCabe is the most overrated defenceman in the NHL and he's laughing all the way to the bank because when everyone turns down MLSE's millions this year JFJ is going to give this bum (stupid is no way to go through life son) 25 Million and 5 years.

And Sundin. Poor Mats. He's done. Everyone apologizing for his lack of production - "well, he's a two way player" - well he'd better be for that price - and where's the offence? Poor Mats.

Domi's keeping his mouth shut now. After whinging about his first benching he's taking it like a man now. Hey Tahir - you can't skate, can't score, can't check, don't hit, won't fight. Keep it down. If they remember you're around you might get the golden handshake. And please stop whining about how you turned down more money to sign elsewhere to stay in T.O. Everyone knows nobody is as dumb as "The Premier Franchise in Hockey" TM Larry Tanenbaum.

Oh yes, who has met expectations this year? Kilger. Steen. Wellwood. And they wanted to farm Wellwood out.


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Loxy said...

Can't say I follow the leafs very much... and your post leaves me with even less interest.

Guess the Oilers really aren't that bad.