Monday, March 27, 2006

Another two points

Back to the Score ticker last night for Oil updates and nicely done, another two points. Hard to comment on a game that I saw only a few highlights of but here goes anyhow.

- by all accounts it was a grind of a game but good on the Oil for mucking it out and getting two points - they seem to be showing some nice sticktoitiveness -

- Roloson, I think, is rounding into form - 31 shots last night and as bad as he looked in the shootout on Thursday he certainly did the job last night

- nice hands on Sammy - and looks like Smyth has decided that he will set the tone

- big week - Minnesota, LA and Calgary - and a lot of their rivals have head to heads - they could really make some hay if they carry on as they have played the last three - it would be nice to relax for say, the last week or so of the season

What do you say boys?

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