Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olympic Fever - Catch It!

Two kids now - yep - hard to believe - and the boy is pretty well sleeping through the night - not even four months old.

Pretty damn good.

But February more then any other month is the month of shit - I mean really. What good is it? One crappy hallmark holiday and freezing your ass off in the dark. No worse month. I mean November is lousy but you have Christmas coming with the eating and the drinking. Something to really look forward to. With February you can say that spring is coming but we've had some pretty sad months of March in our day.

Thank God for the Olympics. Two weeks of flag waving fun on the CBC. Because no matter what anyone says on those sappy NBC profiles in their little tape delayed universe its all about sticking it to the other guy. I want to see that Canadian flag raised time and time again and if Captain Mullet, Ryan Smyth, happens to carve up some poor Swede or Italian on his way to the Gold then God Bless 'em.

And thank God when its over it will be March.

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