Monday, February 13, 2006

Much Ado

And so it turns out that Wayne Gretzky actually is guilty of nothing more then not knowing about Rick Tocchet's little enterprise. Funny that the day after he claimed that he knew nothing about the betting ring there was a sudden leak of a wiretap conversation of him talking to Tocchet about the situation. What is interesting is that this was presented as something recorded a few months ago - making him out to be a liar.

Now it has come to light that it was recorded after he found out, like the rest of us, what was happening - on last Monday.

So it appears that he was telling the truth.

I wonder how many media members will write retractions of what they said last week. My guess is ... none.

For a great take on this check out Lyle Richardson's take in his soapbox at

Could not have said it any better myself.

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