Friday, February 17, 2006

A great couple of days

6 medals in the last day and a half, not too shabby. As always, there are the unexpected like Boucher and Buttle (although Buttle was considered a contender before his first skate) but it seems like most of our projected medallists are coming through after the usual slow start. The long track pursuit teams, Hollingsworth-Richards, Maltais; they had all had good seasons and had won some victories. All came through under the big time pressure of the Olympics.

And an interesting note. Quite often columnists talk about how other nations, particularly Americans, come through in the Games whereas we do not. The thing is that there is far less pressure on the American athletes then on ours. Talking to customers of ours in the US - the Olympics are getting no play, very little in the newspapers and the only coverage is NBC's mess. Apparently their disgraceful coverage over the years is coming home to roost as they are killing the golden goose. Believe me when I lived in the States I hated NBC - no live coverage ever, taped events presented as live, everything canned, only certain events and no countries except the US featured. Anyhow, compare their coverage to here - front page of every paper, wall to wall on the CBC.

We take it fairly seriously I think.

The Olympic fever.

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